Sewn Goods & Ephemera

We specialize in sewn goods and unique collaborations, creating 100% handmade goods, both wearable and for the home.


Un Original Americain features 100% from start to finish handmade work by myself, Nicole, with the help of my husband, Andy. I do the sewing and designing, he does the block carving and printmaking on all printed pieces. We are both designers by trade, him in the illustration and graphic design world and myself in the realm of interiors and architecture. We use this shop as yet another creative outlet for all the ideas that are constantly running through our crazy brains. 

100% Handmade

In house creatives by day, creatively working in our house by night. Sewing & printmaking is our forte but we are constantly learning new crafts to incorporate into the shop. Inspired by everyday things around us & most recently by our infant son.

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Un Original Americain   |   Greensboro, NC